Technology and Ingeunity Set Us Apart


A quality lab starts with a powerful air handling system so that procedures and research can be conducted in a controlled and uncontaminated environment. New Hope Fertility Center has one of the largest and most powerful air filtration systems, which handles both air cooling and purification to provide optimal clean air pressure in our lab facilities. The schematic below outlines how our system works.

1) Air is taken into the system from the outside and guided along an insulated path toward our main air handling system.

2) Air is funneled into an initial triple-filter process to remove the bulk of impurities in the air.

3) Air is passed to a machine with custom-designed quad-filtration, harnessing the power of a 737 jet engine to completely purify the air and cool it to optimal temperatures.

4) Optimally temperate and pure air is let out of the system to circulate around the rest of the lab.