How to choose the best fertility clinic for you?

To find the best in fertility care, regardless if it’s fertility preservation or IVF, it is important to find a clinic that offers cutting edge technology and specializes in helping to find the best treatment for your unique circumstances. Doing your research sometimes only tells you that many fertility centers offer similar services, making the choice even more difficult. In order to find the best facility that is best equipped to handle your needs, look for the following: Expertise: A high quality facility will be knowledgeable and have an extensive background on the best procedures for your specific fertility goals. This kind of understanding can only be achieved with years of medical experience. As pioneers of minimal stimulation protocols in the US, and with 10 years of egg freezing experience (over 400 babies have been born at our center from frozen eggs), our team of physicians brings that experience and expertise. Personalized Care: Each person’s unique protocol should be specially designed to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality care at the most optimal times for your body. We put the patient first at New Hope. Our experience with customized, minimal stimulation IVF and customized protocols allows us to create successful Read more …

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