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Why should I freeze my eggs?

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A growing number of women are turning to egg freezing in order to preserve their fertility. There are many reasons that a woman might want to preserve their fertility and freeze your eggs. Here at New Hope Fertility Center in NYC, we cater to all needs creating a specific plan for you:
• CANCER/ILLNESS- Egg freezing is the best way to minimize the effects of many chemotherapy treatments or other treatments for common illnesses. Even some anti-depressants, thyroid medications, and other every day prescriptions can have a negative effect on your fertility. Many treatments can destroy eggs. Carefully planning now could preserve your choice to start a family later. Egg freezing is also a good option for women who are planning on undergoing other treatments or who have partners about to undergo treatments and might consider embryo freezing or male cryopreservation. Freezing your eggs earlier in life will dramatically increase your chance of getting pregnant later.
• Women with premature ovarian failure or a family history of premature menopause should also consider freezing their eggs. Consult your OB/GYN to see if they would recommend this procedure to you as a preventative measure.
• RELIGIOUS/MORAL REASONS- The truth of the matter is that after IVF, often times couples will have an excess of embryos they may wish to freeze. This is a good idea in case a couple plans on having more children later. However, many people have religious or moral objections to the treatment and handling of a fertilized egg here in NYC. Ethically speaking, there is a multitude of people here in New York that have strong beliefs about an oocyte; freezing eggs is a natural alternative to preserving this opportunity.
• LIVING YOUR LIFE FIRST- Females in the work force are on a rise. There are more top ranking women in companies now than ever before. For some women that means getting an advanced degree, some want to travel the world and others are waiting for the ideal relationship before starting a family. These women wish to focus on their personal goals prior to having children so they can give their families their best.
Egg freezing offers women the opportunity to defer childbearing and to pursue their educational or professional development first. This is advisable to in order to elevate your lifestyle to one that is more conducive to having a child. Freezing your eggs now will prevent egg deterioration from age. Now is always the best time to freeze your egg.
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