Male Fertility Care


In general, sperm counts are genetically determined, and therefore no treatment exists that will raise sperm count. The most effective treatment for male factor infertility is ICSI and IVF, which involves a highly accurate sperm retrieval processes for injection into the woman’s eggs for fertilization.

Couples and individuals should understand the true causes and most current treatments available when learning about male factor infertility. There have been numerous instances where men have undergone unnecessary varicocelectomies to improve sperm count under the guidance of a urologist, for instance, to find that the varicocele is either absent or is not the source of the man’s fertility issue. Similarly, men have taken clomid or testosterone supplements to raise sperm count, which, like a varicocelectomy, can run the risk of lowering a man’s sperm count, and even leave men totally sterile.

For men and couples looking for the most effective way to diagnose and treat their fertility difficulties, please read more on sperm retrieval for ICSI, the ICSI procedure.